Why work with Lisa?

If you believe that training and coaching can help people overcome challenges and rise to their highest potential, then we would work well together.  Individuals want to contribute fully, make positive changes in their work environment, and do their best work, but they may lack the tools, confidence, or skills to accomplish their goals.  I am driven to discover what is holding them back, and create solutions that will enable them to flourish. 

Sometimes the best intervention involves creating new training modules, or modifying existing training to more closely address current needs.  Leadership coaching that enhances your management’s leadership approach might be beneficial, or you may find that a series of interactive, communication skills or team-building seminars would make a positive difference in your workplace.  We will work together to determine how to identify and remove the obstacles to peak performance.  I will work with stakeholders and conduct a gap-analysis to help focus our attention on the most impactful areas for improvement, or, if your needs assessment is complete, I will prepare and submit a development plan that addresses your highest priorities within your budget.

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When you hire me, you get a collaborative designer.  You know your business and understand your priorities, challenges, and opportunities.  I have expertise in adult learning theory, curriculum design, leadership and team-building strategies, and communications solutions.  We will meet to determine what type of assistance you need.  I can help you develop a comprehensive training program, or I can assist with individual projects such as facilitating your pre-existing training programs, conducting leadership coaching sessions, or designing curriculum to address specific skill gaps. I am comfortable working independently or with an internal team of design professionals.

My experience and education in business, speech and communications, adult learning theory, curriculum development, and educational leadership gives me a unique perspective that provides a broad understanding of obstacles and challenges in a work environment.  By working together, we can identify areas for improvement, design effective interventions to remove blocks to productivity, develop cohesive, dynamic teams, improve communication, and create an environment in which all employees are prepared to exceed expectations and help your business prosper.

Dr. Davidson developed proposals to meet the training needs of local businesses such as Xerox and InFocus. She met with key decision makers to assess needs, and developed innovative solutions to improve employee performance. Her proposals were well designed, creative, and thorough, and she was a positive, forward-thinking, professional member of the team.

Cheri White

Program Director, Linfield College

Dr. Lisa Davidson is a person of rare integrity and rock-solid work ethic, a creative designer of curriculum and strategic assessment, a consummate speaker and engaging facilitator of team tasks, a challenging, motivating instructor highly respected by adult learners.

Jeff Sweeney

Communication Studies, Marylhurst University

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