Quick Thinker / Deep Thinker #2

Three Major Questions

  1. Do individuals fall on a continuum of Quick Thinker>>>Deep thinker when they process information?
  2. Does their placement on the continuum define their preferred method of interacting in a group setting?
  3. Would this knowledge/understanding assist individuals and leaders when interacting with individuals in the workplace or classroom?

There are also some auxiliary questions that need to be explored.

  1. Does the concept of Quick thinker/Deep thinker make sense?
  2. Is it useful to look at thinking/processing styles on a linear line of gradations–a continuum?
  3. Is there existing research that explores a Quick thinker/Deep thinker continuum?  If not, what research is similar that may address the same issues?  If so, where is it and how is it packaged?

Additional questions will be addressed as I explore this model and its application to group processing.

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