Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership coaching—one-on-one mentoring for existing or aspiring leaders. 

Team evaluation and coaching—interviews and focus groups to identify areas of concern or growth.  Present recommendations.  Mentoring one-on-one or in groups.  Training may be an appropriate addition.

Needs assessment facilitation and evaluation—meet with department/division leadership to identify and prioritize pain points or growth opportunities.

Focus group facilitation—conduct group feedback sessions to gather input from a larger cross-section of staff or stakeholders.

Curriculum Design

Through interviews and focused discussions with key leaders, subject matter experts, and employees, identify training needs to determine gaps in skills and knowledge.  Based on the feedback, recommend the most appropriate training modalities and the most effective design for the training.

With the help of internal subject matter experts, design training that focuses on skills and knowledge gaps.  The training may include face-to-face, online, remote (face-to-face sessions through online meeting platform such as Zoom), and hybrid (online learning supported by face-to-face or remote learning).

The training design can be done as an independent work project. Can also work collaboratively with your internal training design team to augment the work that they are doing or involve them in the training process, so they learn new design skills.

Training, Instruction, Facilitation

Bringing years of leadership experience and leadership and communications training and design expertise, I bring real life examples and practical solutions to the classroom environment.  As a seasoned leadership consultant, I am comfortable training senior leaders or front-line workers. 

My areas of expertise are leadership, communication, team building, conflict management, interpersonal dynamics, and professional presentation skills.  Working with your leadership team, I provide needs assessment support to identify skills gaps and recommendations for improvement.  Will provide one-on-one or group instruction or mentoring. 

Certified to teach:  DDI, PREP, Kaset International, Mohr Development, Inc.


Popular Courses

The following courses can be delivered in multiple segments for in-depth learning with work application, mini courses in 3-5 segments highlighting key skills that are customized to the work environment, or short seminars focusing on certain aspects of the topic areas. Can be conducted in large or small groups, or in one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions.
Public Presentations

Course Description: 

The professional environment demands that people express ideas clearly and confidently.  We review the methods and practice of public speaking, concentrating on interpersonal delivery style, speech organization, dealing with speech anxiety, and succeeding in a variety of speaking situations.  Includes practice of speaking skills in a supportive setting with individual coaching sessions.

Leadership Communication

Course Description: 

Dynamic, successful leaders and managers know that utilizing a coaching style of leadership can enhance management effectiveness and improve employee/team member moral, cooperation, and enthusiasm.  Explore leadership concepts and discover how to lead more effectively, provide positive reinforcement, and utilize constructive feedback to improve performance and effectively confront potential conflicts. 

Team Building: Managing Work Groups

Course Description:

It takes more than just a gathering of people to be a team. In a team, individuals work effectively together to achieve a common goal—and enjoy doing it. Team building is the deliberate process of creating such a team. Explore the process of creating an effective team including interpersonal and team dynamics, trust building, valuing team member differences, and team leadership.

Professional Presentations: Advanced Techniques for Speakers

Course Description:

Speaking well gets results whether representing an organization, a proposal, a product, a lesson, or oneself. Topics include effective rehearsal and delivery techniques; coping with disinterested and “difficult” listeners; persuasive presentation strategies; and facilitating group activities. This content is intended for those who want a more “polished” presence and professional presentation.

Effective Listening

Course Description:

Careful and discriminating listening is essential to effective communication. Examine the effects of listening style on personal relationships and public interaction. Assess listening strengths and weaknesses and work to improve listening proficiency through guided exercises.

Interpersonal communication

Course Description:

Most of our message is communicated through body language, tone of voice, and interpersonal dynamics rather than the words we say or type.  Learn how to build strong connections through your interpersonal interactions, explore what reduces your communication effectiveness, and take steps to strengthen your communication practices.

Conflict Management

Course Description:

Encouraging diversity of thought and ideas expands innovation and creativity.  It can also highlight differences of opinion, expose disagreements, and create conflict.  Explore strategies that lead to open, honest communication and help you uncover disagreements and potential conflicts.  Gain proficiency in managing conflict and building a culture of open engagement.

Very useful material, classroom time was extremely helpful and time was organized. Having a real life project to work on was outstanding experience!t

Student Evaluation

Marylhurst University

Wow, how about how much I learned! This course was packed with useful practical instruction on how to connect with an audience in a presentation setting.

Student Evaluation

Public Presentations Course

I enjoyed the class activities and the small groups. I am thankful to have experienced this class as it applies to my job as well.- I enjoyed the class activities and the small groups. I am thankful to have experienced this class as it applies to my job as well.

Student Evaluation

Small Group Communication Course

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